My name is Ellen Wilberg and Im an artist working in Oslo, Norway. I love painting with watercolors, gouache and ink. My favorite subjects are women, birds and nature, and I love clean lines and bright colors. I live with several chronic illnesses and painting is my escape from reality and how I find peace. Because of this I put a lot of emotions into my work and I want to create something beautiful and calm to share with the world. My wish is to spread joy and nothing makes me happier than when someone sees themselves in my work or it brings a smile to their face.

My current focus is to experiment and learn and become a better artist. I share my experiments, inspiration and process over on Patreon in the hopes that it may help someone else reach their goals too!

If Im not making art, I am most likely crocheting, watching tv, drinking tea, reading, or visiting mom to cuddle the cats.




Group Exhibitions

Paper Pushers, Gallery 1988, Los Angeles
Lovers Eye, Hudson Hughes Gallery
Insecta, Sally Centigrade, Denver
Monty Python, Gallery 1988, Los Angeles

Postcard Correspondence, Gallery 1988, Los Angeles
3am, Hudson Hughes Gallery
BoJack Horseman, Gallery 1988, Los Angeles
Chroma, Hudson Hughes Gallery
Revival, Sally Centigrade, Denver
Meme show, Gallery 1988, Los Angeles
Creepshow, Pride and Glory, UK

Postcard Correspondence, Gallery 1988, Los Angeles
Crazy 4 Cult X, Gallery 1988, Los Angeles
Bob's Burgers, Spoke Art, New York
Tokens of Love, Copycat Violence online show
20 years later, Gallery 1988, Los Angeles
Idiot Box, Gallery 1988, Los Angeles
Bob's Burgers, Gallery 1988, Los Angeles
30 years later, Gallery 1988, Los Angeles
beMUSEd, Penumbra Art Boutique, Lisboa, Portugal
Geometries, Sally Centigrade, Denver, CO

78 Tarot Nautical, Eight and Sand, Seattle, WA
Crazy 4 Cult,  Gallery 1988 (West), Los Angeles, CA
Interiors, Gristle Art Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Ghost Stories, Penumbra Art Boutique, Lisboa, Portugal
No Sad Stuff, Gallery 1988(West), Los Angeles, CA
Watercolors, Gallery 1988(West), Los Angeles, CA
Myth, Magic and Lore , Bash Contemporary, San Francisco, CA

Crazy 4 Cult, Gallery 1988, Los Angeles, CA
Irrelevant Roots, Copycat Violence Collective group show, Thumbprint Gallery, San Diego, CA
Allow me to introduce myself... Gallery 1988, Los Angeles. CA